Surround IPS

Infrastructure-free indoor positioning & navigation mobile technology

We use the indoor ambient connectivity and people movement to create hyper-accurate indoor positioning for commercial buildings. Find more here.

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Hyper-precise mobile indoor positioning

Sensor-fusion technology uses the data received by all smartphone and smart wearable sensors to create unique 3D maps of commercial buildings: radiofrequencyies, geomagnetic values and movement patterns of people inside the buildings.

Magnetic Field

Ambiental magnetic field data which is widespread & unique to all indoor environments

Dead Reckoning

AI technique to determine one’s position from analizing accurate data generated by same person and others.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Wireless localization technology using proximity & UID data from BLE beacons.


WI-FI available in indoor environments provide useful proximity & UID data for localization.

We can help you to achieve 1 meter accuracy for your business mobile apps.

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